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Although a few friends have been discussing the creation of a non-profit since 2014, we recently took steps to begin EnjoinGood.org in November of 2015.  There are currently over 80 members discussing how to move the project forward.  There is a saying in our culture that decisions made by consensus can’t be wrong, and although a little slower, this is the route we are taking.  Thanks for being patient with us.

So what’s our purpose? We believe that everyone innately wants to do good but doing so often isn’t as easy as it should be.  We want to remove these barriers and make it simple to help fellow Muslims and those around us.  The Quran, and our Prophets including Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, and Abraham, peace be upon them, say that its incumbent on all Muslims to be valuable members of our local communities and to be good neighbors to those of all faiths.  We also believe that the good we do in this world, pays us back in dividends as people receive the benefits of our good deeds, even after we pass.  Our logo represents this infinite cycle of good.

How do we plan to accomplish enjoining good?  We are implementing a forum for crowdfunding local charities and building a network for volunteer opportunities in areas of Interfaith Outreach, New Muslim Support, and Youth Services.  As we build our membership, we will increase our reach as members take on additional responsibility.

Thanks for your interest in EnjoinGood.org and peace be with you.

Your brothers and sisters in humanity

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  1. The WPI. EVENT today was EXCELLENT. My wife and I are looking forward to visiting the Mosque and learning more about Islam.

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