Examples of what some Muslims do versus what Islam says:

  1. Misconception: Women are subjugated and have no rights.
    • In the modern day, some “Muslim” countries treat their women negatively, but religiously, women have the same or more rights than men.  In reality, the Prophet’s first wife was a business owner, was the Prophet’s boss, was older than her husband, and asked for his hand in marriage.
  2. Misconception: Women have to wear that goofy headscarf.
    • Most countries even up until the past century had the custom for women to cover their hair to emulate the Virgin Mary.  In Islam, the Virgin Mary is one of four women promised paradise, and Muslim women who wear the headscarf are trying to emulate Mary’s virtues.
  3. Misconception: Islam condones violence and was spread by the sword.
    • It is actually forbidden for Muslims to hurt others in any way.  All they have the right to do is defend themselves against an aggressor.  They can’t hurt women, children, trees, animals and have to respect other places of worship.  Any Muslim who does or says differently, isn’t acting according to what the Quran teaches.  Lastly, it is forbidden to force someone into Islam.  A person’s religion or lack therof is between them and God.