EnjoinGood.org is dedicated to building bridges so we can dispel the fear and hate that leads to violence.  We can’t all be the same and there is scientific fact that our diversity makes us stronger, regardless of our political or religious affiliations.  It is part of the reason why despite the strength in number of other nations, that America forges ahead to be more inventive, welcoming, and charitable than much of the world.

We seek to work with the community to overcome misunderstanding and to partner with other civil rights organizations, social activists, interfaith groups, and educational institutions who wish to make the United States a stronger and more just society where we can live together in peace, nobility, and kindness.  This starts with each of you, how you interact with your neighbors, your children, your teachers.  Each of you can make a difference for the better.  We welcome you in joining us in our endeavor, regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity.